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شهریور 1401

Hot Tees

Hotpants had been also worn by particularly adventurous men corresponding to David Bowie, Sammy Davis Jr. and Liberace. Hotpants for males had been barely longer than the women’s versions, although they had been still shorter than usual. While hotpants have been principally marketed to girls,… ادامه »Hot Tees


Japanese rock group Band-Maid perform on this fashion of costume, deliberately contrasting the similar old connotations of a maid with high-energy, aggressive rock that sometimes verges towards metallic. Akane as soon as disguised herself as a French maid to infiltrate the house of Picolet Chardin,… ادامه »Meido


Also in 1971, the Hot Pants Patrol was launched as an elite corps of feminine ushers for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball staff, with the intention of attracting larger audiences for the games. While nearly all of “Fillies” wore white microskirts as part of their uniform,… ادامه »Hotpants